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Student Guide to Moodle

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Help for new online students

Call 800-381-8206 Option 1 for Help

Call 800-381-8206 Option 1.


LCTCSOnline Moodle (Joule) Course Site

If you are unable to login:

    WORKREADY U students:  Some students will login using LoLA credentials, but MOST use a manually created username appended with _wru.  If the email info provided to us was issued by an LCTCS college, you will login using LoLA credentials and email when you have done so.  If the email that was provided was not a college-issued email address, follow the instructions below.
    Non-LoLA users:  WorkReady U courses only
    If you do not have a LoLA account, you were sent an email with a temporary password along with your username.  Please check your SPAM email folder before emailing

  1. Try using a different device.
  2. Click the tab above: Technical Support and LoLA Portal.
    1. Chat live with the help desk
    2. Call the Support Line at (866) 217-8819
  3. or change your password on the LoLA home page. Wait a few minutes for the change to take affect, then try again.


Moodle (Joule) supports the use of the following browsers, but the preferred browser is Mozilla Firefox. Students may experience problems taking quizzes or exams if they use a browser other than Firefox.

  • Mozilla Firefox (all versions)
  • Internet Explorer (v7 to version 10)
  • Safari (v3 or higher)
  • Google Chrome (v4 or higher)

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